Being a part of the Medical Section, the International Society of Anthroposophic Naturopathy (ISAN) works diligently and with fervour to improve this profession.


To this end, a certification system for anthroposophic Naturopaths was created in 2012, which was established in co-operation with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum / Dornach.


An essential step in this direction was the introduction of certification guidelines and the registration of the “Anthroposophic Naturopathy” brand as a brand in 2012 as well.


Now, ISAN is the only body world-wide, which trains, educates and certifies Naturopaths in anthroposophic Naturopathy.


This trademark-protected quality seal - in addition to an international core-curriculum - alone ensures qualifications in anthroposophic Naturopathy.


The fulfillment of such standards in regard to anthroposophic Naturopathy - which were established in close cooperation with the Medical Section - has become an international internal obligation for all anthroposophic Naturopaths.


Following this policy, anthroposophic naturopaths contribute to further safeguard and acknowledge this profession.

With this professional profile of anthroposophic Naturopathy - as confirmed by IKAM (International Coordination for Anthroposophic Medicine) - ISAN represents anthroposophic Naturopathy both within the medical section at the Goetheanum, as well as in IKAM.